Communication takes many forms and at inspire we will advise on the best choices for you and your business from a range of options. Our services include:

Public relations:
Fostering good relations with the public or your specific target audience, raises awareness of you, your business or group and can pay dividends. PR raises your profile locally, regionally or nationally and may involve a specific campaign, a series of events, or a complete programme of initiatives. PR can support a particular advertising campaign, or be part of a fully integrated marketing plan. Whatever your needs, inspire’s PR plans are tailor-made for you.

Media relations:
Harnessing the power of the press can prove extremely beneficial to your organisation or business if done in the right way. The might of the media should never be under-estimated and positive coverage can give you great advantage over your competitors. At inspire we don’t shy away from dealing with journalists, most of our good contacts are journalists!

Internal communications:
Communicating effectively with your staff or stakeholders is vital to the success of any company or organisation. Timely, professional and well-channelled communication can help boost staff morale and encourage team-working, particularly at times of change or uncertainty. At inspire we produce enlightened communications so your audience is not left in the dark.

Public and community consultations:
Anyone can talk – but it’s what you say and how and when you say it that’s important. If you need to consult with the public or a local community over ideas for change or proposed new plans, professionally produced communication ensures a positive image is portrayed of both your plans and your organisation or business. Before you consult publicly, consult privately – with inspire.

Crisis communications:
If your business, organisation or company suddenly finds itself in the midst of a crisis one of your first priorities should be communication. A crisis usually spells bad publicity, but even negative situations offer the opportunity for positive messages if professionally managed. Communication planning, prompt management, positive actions and the issuing of well-timed and accurate information can help limit damage to your business. At inspire keeping your audience informed and your reputation intact is all in a day’s work.